Is it possible to make reservation for the Kimono Experience all year round?

Yes. However, Tuesday and Wednesday are our regular holiday.
※We may have to close suddenly without notice.

Are only ladies' kimonos available?

Yes, that's right. Currently, part of a room in an old-style folk house is used as the changing area.
We ask gentlemen family members of visitors to kindly wait by the "irori" (fire place). The kimono experience is for ladies only.
For gentlemen to try on, we have happis and haoris (short coats which go over a kimono). Please ask us if there are any available when you visit.
Haori hakamas, formal Japanese kimonos for men, are not available at the moment.

What should I wear to the kimono experience? How do I put on a kimono?

Please wear a T-shirt with a lowish neckline, and pants. For socks, we have either tabi or tabi-shaped socks.
Please take off jumpers, coats and so before putting on the kimono. Also, please take off accessories like necklaces, watches and bracelets.

In the kimono experience hall, guests will put on "nagajubans" (kimono underwear) over their T-shirts and pants, and towels for adjustment around the waist line.
First, you put on the skirt part and top-part of the kimono. Then, you put on a special sash called a "bunka obi".

Can companions take part in the options?

The kimono experience hall is in an old folk house which was renowned throughout the Hida region for its silkworm husbandry. It was built during Japan's Edo period and is still in use as a home today.
You will find a scroll made from washi (Japanese paper) is like the ones used by ninjas. By follow the instructions written on the scroll, you will enjoy various additional experiences.
It's even more fun to do it with family and friends. This experience is an option. All accompanying visitors can join in together.

Is there a kimono experience for children? Can I purchase kimono accessories?

Regrettably, we don't offer a kimono experience for children.With regard to purchasing kimono accessories, we will give visitors shop cards for a reliable online store.
The store accepts orders from all over the world, so you can purchase various goods like kimonos themselves, kimono accessories, obis, getas and zoris.
Please visit the online store.
The shop can deliver items internationally.

Kimono Experience Hall payment information

Please pay by credit card or cash (Japanese yen). We accept the following cards:
VISA, Master, Union Pay, JCB, American Express, TS3.
We do not accept traveler's checks.
We accept the following cards

Do you rent out and deliver kimonos to other places? I would like to wear a kimono in my hotel.

Unfortunately, we do not rent out kimonos.
The kimonos at the Kimono Experience Hall are all items the owner has collected over many years. If you really like a particular kimono, we can offer to sell it to you.
We will also tell you how to take care of your kimono at home, and in particular how to prevent small stains and so on, since silk is a living material.
The kimonos are easy to wear, and instruction on how to do so is included in the two-hour reservation time. Practice wearing a kimono by yourself during your stay in Japan, so that you can show off and surprise your friends and family. You could even try going to a party in one! We invite you to learn this fantastic piece of Japanese knowledge and make it an asset in your life.

Can I go out in kimono?

Unfortunately, we must ask visitors to wear their kimonos only at the hall.
It will depend on the type of kimono. Please stay inside the hall if you are wearing very long-sleeved kimono or an uchikake.
All kimonos are made of silk, so they are very delicate when it comes to rain and dust.
Please stay inside the hall when you wear kimono. We also ask that visitors kindly take care not to get any food or drink on the kimonos.

Can I take photos?

Please feel free to take photos with a digital camera, mobile phone etc. We will be happy to help you take group photos.

Can I purchase kimonos?

Yes, we also have kimonos for sale. Please be sure check all items with your own hands before making a purchase. We will wrap your kimono for you while you watch.