To all overseas travel agencies

News Letter

To All Overseas Tour Conductors,

Greetings from Japan.
In order to welcome visitors from overseas, I have turned the house I was born in into a "Kimono Experience Hall", an attraction off the beaten track in Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture.

My staff and I extend warm hospitality to visitors from overseas by through various plans we have created through which they can experience the Japanese culture by wearing kimonos we have been collecting since the 1950s.

Unfortunately, although it has been passed down to the present through the skill of many craftsmen, as these craftsmen have grown old and they techniques have been lost, the wonderful fashion of the kimono has been vanishing from the Japanese way of life, and our unique kimono culture has now all but disappeared from daily life. We believe that the experience of wearing a gorgeous and precious kimono in such an extraordinary space as an old-style folk house will be a very memorable one for lady travelers to Japan to wear, and so offer them the chance to do at a very reasonable price.

We have designed the kimono experience so that it will be easy to enjoy!

Come and experience the old Japanese country life.

kimono experience hall madam wakako mori