Kimonos for sale

We sell kimonos at special prices.

I can show you some kimonos from my collection that I can offer for sale as souvenirs.
Please feel them with your own hands and pick your favorite. Please be aware that these kimonos are sold at special prices and cannot be returned.


Prices (excluding tax) of items for sale

・Haori coat
¥2,500 - ¥3,000
・Michiyuki coat
¥2,500 - ¥3,000
・Short-sleeved pure silk kimono with lining (two-piece)
¥30,000 - ¥35,000
・Long-sleeved pure silk kimono with lining (two-piece)
¥38,000 - ¥50,000
・Pure silk maru obi otaiko (two-piece, bunka obi)
¥20,000 - ¥30,000
・Pure silk maru obi otaiko (two-piece, bunka obi, fukurasuzume bunko)
¥30,000 - ¥35,000
・Long-sleeved pure silk kimono with lining Souvenir tapestry
¥20,000 - ¥30,000
・Bridal iro uchikake Souvenir tapestry
¥50,000 - ¥60,000
We accept payments by credit card.
Alternatively, you can pay cash (Japanese yen).
We accept the following cards

VISA, Master, Union Pay, JCB, American Express, TS3.

Every item is unique!

* Please understand that we do not accept return of items after purchase or negotiate discounts.

Please pick your favorite by feeling the kimonos with your own hands before making a purchase. These are only a few items from my collection. Please come to the Hall and see them for yourselves.
Please enjoy the dyeing techniques, highly skilled weaving, and Japanese embroidery amazing craftspeople in our items.
If you find a kimono you like, please take them home with you as a souvenir. We will wrap your items for you while you watch.